Campaign Collateral
AllOver Media 
As a Graphic Designer at AllOver Media, I was responsible for designing, revising and formatting a multitude of out-of-home advertising platforms for gas pump, nozzle, truckside, icebox and indoor displays. Some projects that involved working with large format files include a Frozen Billboard™ campaign design created for Polar Pop soft drinks, as well as a Truckside campaign raising motorcycle awareness for Nebraska Highway Safety. Other projects I competed include a cancer awareness Pump Top campaign for NCAPT, various Indoor ads for both national and franchise campaigns, along with Fillboard™ ads seen on gas nozzles.
Truckside campaign for Nebraska Highway Safety, which was designed to resemble a street sign and remind drivers to watch for motorcycles when making left-hand turns.
Fillboard advertisement created as part of a concept campaign for the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Examples of Indoor advertisements designed for Baker Management Group LLC and Kolosso Toyota-Scion.
This was part of Pump Top campaign series designed for NCAPT, which consisted of four visually consistent advertisements to raise awareness about Breast/Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Colon Cancer.
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